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Setup your new WordPress website in less than 30 seconds. Forget about getting a server, choosing the right PHP version, reading the manual and scratching your head. EasyWP makes WordPress much more accessible

By Namecheap

Built with love by Namecheap. This means you can expect our awesome customer service, great prices on domains and find it super easy to select the right domain for your new WordPress website. Oh, and we’re kinda cool too...

Easy to Maintain

EasyWP makes it very easy to manage and maintain your WordPress websites. Backup, update, put into dev mode and more with just a click or two. And we’re constantly adding new features to give you more at your finger tips.

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Grow Effortlessly

Start small, grow big? We’re here every step of the way. Hosted on our own cloud, we deliver blazingly fast WordPress performance that grows as your website grows. Without headaches, of course.

Simple Pricing

We love delivering great value to our customers. EasyWP offers great value for performance, reliability, ease of use and speed. And yes, the price isn’t too good to be true :)

Starter Plan

$8.88 /yr

$48.88 renewal

  • WordPress setup in 30sec or less
  • Connect to your Namecheap domain
  • 1 WordPress website
  • 5GB of storage
  • Easy backups
  • Namecheap support
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*We only support Namecheap’s Basic DNS and Premium DNS. Hosting DNS service is not available at the moment.