Your WordPress in less than 30 seconds

Launch fully managed WordPress instances with one click, Manage your websites, environments and backups from a beautiful dashboard.

As easy for daily bloggers, as powerful for geek developers.

As easy as one click of your mouse

We said yet how it's easy? With EasyWP you can have a running instance in less than one minute. You can run it with one click or chose between many options. This means fitting everyday user needs without exluding developers.

Powered by the latest technologies

EasyWP is based on the latest technologies available on the market. We use CoreOS to give as much power you need to your WordPress, Docker to give you as much flexibility you need and a super optimized WP stack to give you security.

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EasyWP is a cool new product being built by Namecheap. It is currently in closed beta and we selectively invite users to try the product as we continue to build.